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DIY Colonic set up questions about safety? Answered

So I've been wanting to get a colonic and there isn't anywhere to do it where I am. I decided to build myself a really cheap system to try it out right now. I got a Rubbermaid 7 gallon plastic box to hold the water, a (vinyl?) shower head hose, and some enema tips and gorilla glued the tube into the bottom of the box (trying not to get the glue inside the box where the water would be) and the other side to the tip (also trying to avoid getting glue where water would flow). The question is in whether or not this is safe (with the vinyl tubing and gorilla glue part). I plan to try it out the day after tomorrow but I figured I'd see if anyone else tried this or knows.


I really have to stop wondering about the questions asked here....

Never heard from again. Was the OP put off by our comments? Was the process unsuccessful? IS the OP in hospital? Who knows.

I think he is still trying to get the 7 gallons in .....

Yeah, and then there are those answers that pop into your head when you do read the questions.

"Take the end of your garden hose, push it up there a foot or two and then yell at your kid to turn the hose on". "Why do people always want to go the wrong way down a one way street?" "If you were to get a colostomy they would just sow that thing shut and all you would have to do is change your bag every now and then. Think how much that would save on your water bill!"

Well there is nothing wrong with doing a good "flush" at home, quite a lot of people do it for one reason or the other (not mentioning kinky practices in certain bed rooms here..).
Those people usually start by having it done professionallya few times before buying their own equippment.
With the question up there I highly doubt the thread starter has any clue about the topic otherwise he would not ask but order a complete and safe to use (within the limits of the persons sanity) online.
Just thinking about a 7 gallon reservoir makes ME fear to either blow up my internals or to do serious damage.
I mean, when was the last time you dumped 7 gallons of human waste into your toilet? For me, I ave no chance to block my toilet like that but who knows maybe the thread starter is just a few m³ bigger than me... ;)

Let me guess, you saw this on Jackass. (Stevo gives himself a beer enema)

If you use distilled water and keep everything very sterile it might be a bit safer.

Its still a very dodgy procedure for diy, if you get the pressure wrong you might rupture something internally.

Probably a lot safer to drink a litre of water and take a double dose of laxatives. :)

1. It won't do you any good

2. it will have safety risks for your health

3. Don't do it.