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DIY Diesel Motorcyle, "Die-Moto" Answered

This was built by a bay area group just a bridge away from Instructables HQ. It's the world's fastest diesel motorcycle. 

Sounds like it's time for us to establish Instructables Racing! Anyone got a spare engine?

Die Moto


Everybody in HQ draws lots for a power source*, there's a deadline to work to (Instructables from all entrants), then have races over different distances for sprint and endurance.

Videos of the results will, of course, be required.

*Chemical-electric (fuel cell?)
*Rocket (solid fuel)
*Rocket (liquid fuel)
*Rocket (hybrid)
*Rocket (water)
*Elastic / bungee
*Compressed gas
*Non of the above.

Haha, I was just imagining a bike with a compressor built in to the suspension that would pressurize an air tank and run a rotary air engine. If you run out you just sort of jump up and down on the thing to re-pressurize the tank and off you go!



k, it does help me with a problem, steam motorcycle, starting from cold, in some cars an air tank runs the motor till there's steam up. i was thinking i'd need a big tank if i were to use a similar system. with this, i only need a tiny one, and a bit of jumping...

No links-- but I remember reading about an air powered vehicle. The the tank was part of the frame. It was a few years ago , but it was on the net. Try a search?

I'bles Racing???? I have all sorts of cycle parts. Definitely enough for an electric or a hybrid. Sadly both of my deisels are spoken for. Actually, if you're serious, I really have enough spares to build a couple of bikes. Let me know.

I missed this previously, thanks.