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DIY Electroluminescent Paper Answered

Can anyone post a DIY instructable about this? I'd love to learn how to do this, I have many ideas that hinge off of the electroluminescent paper idea. Thanks in advance.



6 years ago

Kind of a while back, but figure I would drop a comment, since I am running into a similar problem.

Definitely wish there was something more on doing this DIY. Near as I can tell, it works using paint that contains Zinc Sulfide. Some sort of conductor is added to the paint, which allows electric current to pass through it, triggering the glow. The closest I could find, which wasn't someone using some scary expensive product, was someone managing to soak paper with the stuff, then use water as the conductor, to get a very faint glow. Obviously, there are two problems, for what I want to do:

1. It needs to be a color that isn't like.. white, and most of them are either a darker color than what it glows, or the "invisible" ones tend to be white.

2. What to use as the conductor?

Note: My own idea is to add the "shield recharge" effect to ODST/Halo armor, using this trick, so it would mean a low current, run through a series of contact points, like a cascade, when the recharge hits. In effect, causing the glow to flicker across the armor. Obviously, the "existing" solutions just won't work for this, and using a conductive paint, and flashing a plasma charge across it, while it would work too, would be... a bit more hazardous. lol

i think complicated is the middle name of instructables and equals for fun.

check on dupont´s luxprint.
is a screen print ink exactly for that aplicattion.
also check on:
last link is a tutorial.

complicated is my fuel! lol



10 years ago

You might be able to achieve an effect similar to what you are looking for with UV LEDs and fluorescent ink on paper, or evenm just backlit paper- have you considered that? It depends what you are trying to make, really.