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DIY Gas Scooter? Answered

I was thinking of taking a weed whacker and taking the pole off, taking the motor, put it on a chain drive system to the back wheel. I have two questions about this. First, will the motor have enough torque to pull a 130 lb. guy, and is there a transmission system I have to over come. 



Best Answer 7 years ago

When you shift on your bike, you stop or reduce pedaling pressure.
As yokozuna said, you will have to do something about that, like a clutch.

Have you ever driven a clutch car ?
Well..... when you step on the clutch you have to simultaneously
reduce the throttle or the engine will rev out of control !!

This is your mechanical dilemma and perhaps
where you start on the tao of Mechanical Engineering :-)


I think this proves that it has enough power. His setup is a bit different though. I don't think there is a transmission so much as just a throttle. If you're doing chain driven on a multi-speed bike, you may have issues with changing gears however.

im not too crazy about the friction drive system, the idea of tearing a perfectly good tire up like that sends shivers up my spine. now i did have the idea of taking a mountain bike and keeping the gear change system. that way i can start of slow and work it up to a higher gear. just let off the throttle before you shift and baby it to the next gear.

You could - Gearing may be a problem as would the fact that in almost all countries it would be illegal on the road.

There isn't much torque available, but give a push start it may get you going.

I don't really care if it is road legal.

How many CC's is the motor have ?

Lol leave the line on there and you could have a riding weedeater.

That would get it done fast.