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DIY Hatchback Subaru Legacy Answered

Check out this DIY Hatchback I caught a few pictures of coming off the Bay Bridge in Oakland, CA. I think the guy driving was a woodworker, and needed a couple extra cubic feet to fit things like dressers and wardrobes.


Boxes on the back of cars are a long tradition (where do you think Americans got the word trunk?)

But never mind that, there's a more important question: who on Earth drives around with a switched-on digital camera on their knee?

Never mind, I've just remembered - you drive on the wrong side of the road, so you were actually in the passenger seat.

Who says we drive on the wrong side? I just drive down the middle and hope people get out of my way! Actually, when I moved back to the U.S., right-side driving was no problem, In a car. On a motorbike though, you have no point of reference, so I rode on the wrong side quite a few times before I got reaccustomed to it.

Did you honk?


10 years ago

Good way to add space :-). I wonder how secure it is.

That's pretty hardcore.