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DIY Headphone/Speaker switcher Answered

Hi. I want a box where I can select whether I was the signal to go to either my headphones or my desktop speakers. I know I can just get a 3.5mm splitter cable, but I'd prefer to be able to switch of either one when it's not being used. To get around having to use several switches, I thought of this. If you think (like me) that it'll work, could you please let me know. Thanks, wbr


I think his diagram should work, current (signal) can't flow inless it's a closed circuit, which is it's own ground.

No, it won't work. Unless both channels are isolated with output stage audio transformers or he's only listening to mono recordings (exactly the same in both channels) there will be a lot of sound. The proposed circuit will act as a thing that takes the difference of both channels and plays it thru both speakers. See my drawing (and fear my leet paint skillz :-).


. I'd suggest getting a DPDT switch (vs your SPDT) and putting it on the "hot" (R & L) wires, then run from the switch to your drivers.

Ok, thanks. I think I'll do that. Just out of curiosity though, do you think this could actually work this way?

. It should work, but there is the potential for crosstalk and/or impedance mismatch if there is a stray ground path. If all you have handy is a SPDT, try it and see.