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DIY Hot Key USB Keyboard for slate devices Answered

I want to make a 6 button hotkey keyboard for my Asus Eee Slate device for access to all of my hot keys for photoshop and other programs.

Or are there already devices like this.

Should i go with Keyboard insides or a Gamecontroller insides or some other usb controller. I dont know a whole lot about this. Just wanted to get some advice on the best path to take to make this a reality.


Here is a picture to help illustrate




7 years ago

I know about the external number pads. I was looking for something more compact and attached directly to the slate with a couple of buttons easily accessible. I leaning towards just hacking a keyboard and etching a circuit board to all the keys i need. The adobe suite lets me set up my own hot keys so what keys i use will not be a problem.

Will take pictures and post something when im done.


7 years ago

They do sell external usb keyboards with just the numeric keypad keys. Do you have an app that can remap the keycode inputs? Otherwise, you'll need to do the full size keyboard hack to hardwire up the specific keys you need. There are a few custom keyboard usb hacks if you search for them. I don't think you need to go quite complex as having an arduino to interpret the key presses or if you are making a custom button switch dongle. It shouldn't be too hard to form a case part for your row of keys or switches. Good luck.