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DIY LED Monitor? Answered

I want to make a big monitor out of LED strips. Like a scaled down version of what they have at concerts, stadiums, etc. Is there a special controller i need to control this? What about power? Is there a way to make it so that I can plug it into a wall? Also, I am hoping to use an HDMI cable with it. I have seen videos about this on the internet, but they are not very helpful. Attached is an image of what i am going for.




Best Answer 6 months ago

Depending on the type of LED strip, you likely can control it off of a single microcontroller by chaining them all together. If not one, then a handful of controllers at most.

In terms of power, you will just want something that can provide enough amps at whatever voltage your LED strip is at. You may need to get multiple power blocks, and power different sections separately. However, if they are all on the same communication chain, the ground pins need to be shared between each section.

Once challenge you may face if it gets too large is that a standard home outlet might not be able to provide enough power for the whole thing before the Fuse gets triggered.

In terms of HDMI, I honestly don'y have much experience with HDMI in. You may want to look for a simpler video input, as I doubt the LED resolution is going to be that high anyhow.