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DIY LED car rims? Answered

anyone know how? like to have them behing the rims so they make it glow.......?


Easiest way is take an LED flexible strip, a 12V battery and a mini switch and mount that on the inner side of your rims. Or you can find a way to run the wires all the way up to the car battery and mount a flip switch to run inside of your vehicle.

Just a thought, but how about wireless power? If you had a coil above the tire in the wheel well and another coil in the wheel hooked up to a multi farad capacitor and some led's, then you just might be able to get it to work. I guess it depends on the distance of the magnetic field created, and it might not be enough power to run an led, but it's a start.

Power is supplied to rims with a "slip ring".

You put a metal disc (insulated from other metal) on the inner side of the rim which spins with the rim, and mount a carbon fiber brush that presses against the disc on something stationary such as the break assembly. The brush is the positive lead from the battery. The rest of the rim connected to the car and battery is the ground.

i guess it could be done by built in battery or power generated by the tyre motion/wind powerd system attached with the wheel, i'm still thinkin for how to power/triger the led by physically connecting wire to the rotating tyre. please post here if anybody know.