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DIY: Lamp (golden or white) Caboche Sospensione. Any ideas how to build it yourself? Answered

Hi all,

l really like the style of this lamp
an i am thinking about rebuilding a lamp like this myself.
Do you know a guide/howto of a similar lamp? What could be used for the inner ring and the many little bowls?



You should Post a picture I would be very interested in seeing that.

Take a glass bowl of a shape and size that you like. Take that bowl to a glass shop and get them to cut a circle out of the bottom to fit your hanging lamp socket fitting. Buy plastic or glass beads from the craft store and super glue them on the outside of the bowl shape. Hang your lamp where you want it and admire your handiwork. I would put florescent bulbs in the lamp so that there was not a heat problem. Good luck.

If you're using CFLs or LEDs, you could use a plastic bowl, cover it completely in marbles or beads, and not bother about the heat.