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DIY Metal Rubber Band Gun Answered

This rubber band gun works just like the wooden ones you've probably seen. The difference is that this is made of metal, has a safety, and includes a flashlight and laser sight. OK, just a wee bit over the top, but impressive.

via bbgadgets


I've tried to download the plans and they are all blacked out except for some dimensions

awesome how can ı make or buy it?

that is soo cool can you maby put some for sale or maby on E BAY:):0 OR YOUR GOING DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


sweet gun, very nice. Although, can u post an
instructable on how to make it?

Ahh, erm, my fault, he didn't post an instructable because it wasn't his. My fault.

If I had made it? Sure. Forum posts are often for pointing out other cool things happening in the DIY world.

Ahhh, i see... sorry about that. I reckon i could make it over a course of a few weeks, but i haven't got the firing mechanism worked out, and i cudn't really be stuffed to look up how it works.

buy a cheap wooden one, then use the mechanisms inside it to make metal ones

Oh... Imagine being able to draw one of those in class...

I wouldn't see why you couldn't draw it.....but what does that have to do with....oh wait, you don't mean draw with pencil and paper do you? :-)

Maybe I loaded six bands into this gun, maybe it was seven...

Are you feeling lucky, punk?

....I have my books, and my poetry to protect me......


lol r chem teacher goes mental from time to time coz sum peeps r talkin in his lesson. he usaully bangs the tablle shouting SHUT UP

I had an English teacher kick the corner of of the table top off of one of those one piece desk n seat things.

*scoff* not that hard...
man, i doodle lamborghini's in the margins of my papers. i doodle mona lisa's

I'm sure you would appreciate, a child "drawing" one of those in class. LoL.

that is frikin awesome!!!!!!!!!! if someone could make an instructable or tell me where to buy it, I would not rest until I have made/have it

I meant "draw" as in "pull the gun" - it would be great for scaring my classes.

i see, teaching the kids about nerve endings?

Great teaching aid, the rubber band...

lol i can imagine my science teacher with one of those, just idly walking around the classroom talking about chemicals litteraly "making us learn at gun point". oh and do any of ur students know you go on instructables? and do u ever take your projects into class?


I have images from the site all over my lab walls, I wear my Robot shirt on mufti days, and some of my ibles were created in my lab (look for the ones on grey-mottled tables).

Are any of your students on Instructables as well?

lol thats awesome, wish my teachers were more like that lol.

Ok anyone want to start a collaboration on how to build this out of household parts without having any metal working skills?

Lol the gear thing on the back that you load the rubberbands onto looks like a ninja star.

that is just to cool

Best rubberband gun ever

gmjhowe needs to look into this.

I thought at first, it was a rubber band powered bb gun or somthing

someone should make a knex version of this! =D