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DIY Motion activated security camera Answered

ok i like the idea of where you put a security camera in a hidden spot around the house to capture those unwanted trespassers, but recording unwanted recorded video from the the night you were on vacation sometimes is a pain to watch since you have to watch the whole thing or fast forward to the part where someone came "unnoticed" (especially when you have some people in the neighborhood egging your house). anyone have an idea where a standard security camera (mini cameras, cctv, wireless w/ IR lighting) can be hooked up to a computer (or better a stand alone hard drive) and able to use a motion detector and also only record video that shows "someone" on the property when activated?


Most software like Active Web cam will do motion activation, and you can set up your zones of detection, change the sensitivity with the time of day, you can exclude common annoyances like headlights, and the demo is free (( it puts a Unregistered watermark on the screen but for home use, most people can put up with that while your playing with it )) And if your buying new equipment Bosch make cameras which will do motion activation, and they even have models that will follow you as you move and record on a SD memory card or IP network to a computer... (( they even have a vandal resistant models which will take a shot from a 5 Lbs sledgehammer so eggs are no problem )) now you might have to talk to a security sales company to get one but there is several online sources which won't hose you as much... But give active web cam a whirl for a free program it sure works nice ...

I just asked X-10 if they carried such products, and here was their answer, gotten today:

We do offer software that will pan, tilt, and even zoom our camera,
based on motion detection. It will require that you set up our wireless
motion sensors in the areas you want the camera to move to. With our
software, you can preset positions and viewing distance of the camera.

You can see an illustration on our website at
http://www.x10.com/activehomepro/activehome-pro-iw.html . The software
can also be set to record live video or snapshots to your computer's
hard drive.
Feel free to email or give me a call, if you have more questions or need
help setting up a package


Tyson Allen
X10 WTI Sales
800.675.3044 ext.2828

It' been several years, but I did something similar with a webcam and shareware software found on the internet. The software alo uploaded the images to an FTP server so a thief couldn't just take the computer. Hate to say this, Do a google search.