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DIY Projector bulb problem ? Answered

In reading some of the instructables on DIY projector lamp replacements I decided to give it a shot. So I purchased a Proxima Ultralight LX1 off of ebay, and when it arrived it contained no previous bulb, so I purchased a MR16 style 100 watt halogen bulb and installed it (with a seperate power supply). When I started it up and connected it to my laptop it worked fine for about a minute or so (give or take) but then the image went blank (not the bulb but the LCD screens showed blackness) for five seconds, then the image popped up as nothing had ever happened. I have tried everything to prevent this, other computers, killing the ballast (which is quite easy, only one wire to disconnect) different video sources and no dice. But I do know that it has nothing to do with the light bulb because it is on a completley different power supply and is not connected electronically to the projector in any way, there is something wrong with the controls of the unit
Any Help would be appreciated, Thanks


If anyone is still struggeling with this every projector I have done so far has had 3 or 4 small wires comming from the lamp balast to the mainboard on three wire ones its easy I have done 4 projectors with 3 wires it has been the same fix every time. you cut the 2 wires that are the same and short them on the mainboard side. I install a dtdp switch so it can be used with factory buld if you wish to go back. there is usally 2 switches inside the bulb compartment one that is thrown by the bulb carriage and another one that detects the bulb compartment cover. if the switch wiring is easy to get to I jump the switches with another wire if not I make a plastic wedge for the one that detects the bulb carriage and the other one I weidge it with something while I adjust the bulb then let if function as nortmal. If anyone needs any more help let me know and the next projector I do I will make a video and post it.

I forgot the projectors with the 4 or more wires you will have to find the octopelers on the lamp ballast and find the wires one that sends a single to the lamp ballast and the return wire. its not hard just more than I have room for here.

You have to bypass the bulb detection circuit. You have to do research on your particular model. You can search archives on these sites.www.allinbox.com, or lumenlab (projectors) ,they also now make cnc robots. I was able to use a jumper on a Panasonic to use a halogen. This was eventually replaced with a hid automotive bulb and ballast.

I believe your problem is related to the fact that any commercial projector has a bulb detection circuit. It's the first step that need to be done when using other bulbs. That circuit waits until the PSU is striking the bulb a few times with a couple hundred volts to turn it on. Then it checks the feedback. It's either a photocell or some voltage detector, anyway, until you won't bypass this circuit, the projector will shut down automatically. Check my instructable for a more detailed explanation. However, each projector has different electronics so it's case by case scenario.

Is the temporary darkness a real problem, or can you live with it?  I doubt the bulb is causing this problem, but it is a used unit.
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I know the bulb isnt causing the problem because it is on a different power supply completley. But the blackness is definatley a problem because If you were watching a movie you would miss half the movie....

So it goes black repeatedly? Is this random or at regular intervals?


Oh sorry I thought I mensioned it in the paragraph.....I posted so many questions that I forgot what I asked, LOL.
Umm About every minute it goes black for five seconds then comes back on to its normal display

That's screwy, I'll have to think about it.


I am reading between the lines of what you wrote.  I suspect you made a BEST GUESS as to the bulb to buy.  Am i wrong?  You must research the model number of the equipment.... and be SURE to order the proper replacement bulb.  I am not an EXPERT on this... but i have SOME experience.  I wanted to AVOID paying the 125 dollars for the EXACT replacement bulb in my 60 inch hitachi TV.  So i bought a ten dollar bulb from the hardware store... and spent 45 dollars and many hours of work modifying my TV's projection bulb socket.  It WORKED... but not as bright... and I worried about damaging the electronics of the TV.  So finally I ordered theEXACT bulb, and now the TV works perfectly.  I learned my lesson the hard way.  Do a search on google for your model number and find the exact bulb replacement is my suggestion.

Yea, but Its genetic, my grandfather cant leave anything alone either. But the bulb im using is on a different power supply, so its not connected to the projector electronically in any way form or fashion, it is just mounted in there.