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DIY Shred Style Answered

Fuel TV's show "Built To Shred" is kicking off it's third season this Sunday the 26th. Jeff King hosts and demonstrates lots of DIY know how, offering up inspiration for anyone who has ever said, "There's nowhere to skate." Worth a watch.

Check out their site on Fuel TV

Older episodes available on Hulu


"We're sorry, currently our video library can only be streamed within the United States."

Too bad, you missed out on a really LOOONG commercial that had me hitting that had me hitting the back button lickity split.

With a little more production, this could be a "Jackass" clone. At least watch the first part where they fumble with bows and arrows. These guys would probably build a skate ramp on top of Old Faithful if they had a chance.

ugh, got 90 seconds in, my time could be better spent going back to netflix to finish watching poorly dubbed Soviet Scifi.

Da, Comrade is shame DEFA studios did so few scifi movies to illustrate the glorious future of the Soviet System.

I checked out a few episodes and they actually did some fun things. I agree though, they'd skate anything anywhere.

Well, I'm sorry too. That's kind of a bad deal. Being stateside I had no idea.

Here's a Youtube clip of the from the show. Let me know if that's restricted as well.