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DIY Small Scale Radar (like Google Soli)? Answered

Anyone know how to build my own simple small scale radar for detecting ants on trees? e.g. @googleresearch #soli http://buff.ly/1IXhVKp

I don't need super sophisticated processing or anything, but just would like a small radar system i can mount next to trees and monitor movements over an area.



2 years ago

GOPRO set to 1 photo every 10 seconds with looping mode enabled or not also set for 7M Wide angle will cover a day at close range to the bark letting you count the legs and divide by six if you want.

What does this sensor have to do? You mention it needs to detect changes in the surface but what are you trying to achieve with this information? We need more information here.

Radar isn't what your looking for. You might be able to put a motion sensor together that is sensitive enough to activate on the movement of an ant on the surface. You can also set up a camera on a tree that can trigger something based on detected movement but they can often trigger as the sun tracks across the sky. As can a motion sensor.

Not radar, at least not at a home level workshop.
Resolution depends on distance, this means to detect ants you would need to be very close - close enough to see them with your eyes.

Yeah sight is alright! Ideally I have a sensor I can mount 20 cm away from a tree that can scan a static surface (the tree) that is about 20 cm2 and can detect changes in the surface down to .1-.5mm