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DIY Sound Bites (hasbro) Answered

I used to have this product made by hasbro called Sound Bites. It was essentially a musical product that transmitted sound through lollipops. Evidently the jawbone is an amazing conductor of sound. I was wondering if anyone could think up a way to make something similar with a 1/4" jack. I think the potential for high fidelity sound is great. In addition its also similar to the bone conductive headphones that many people are using for underwater music listening.

The product looks like this

Here is an article on Sound Bites.

If anyone has any ideas, I'm quite mechanically and electrically educated and would be very interested in putting something together.


I remember those. just make a solenoid-ish thing and touch it to your teeth.

Those vibrating mechanisms from a cell phone are normally just a small motor with an off center attachment to the shaft, that then causes the whole mechanism to shimmy i.e. vibrate.

. A piezo element should work. Encase it in a hard plastic shell,