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DIY Tinkerers Making Cool Stuff Answered

This article in the Orlando Sentinel does a nice job of giving an overview of a few people in the DIY community. They even give Instructables a nice mention and then go on to talk about this guy:

He has posted more than 50 projects on Instructables, including a sound-activated camera made from a disposable camera and an old computer speaker, and a method for taking ultraviolet photography using a broken black-light bulb.

Hmm... who could that be?




The pic above is of the other person they interviewed. I don't think he is an ibler because we all know if you are waiting up for your kids to come home late you don't make a key entry system, you mod your easy chair with a rifle rack, cupholder and stereo speakers, maybe an LED superbright spotlight. Our TUA wears a red shirt.

It's not that I don't trust my own kids, it's the others I worry about...

wait a minute, is that picture of him?

TUA had a panic attack when the reporter asked if he could come over and take pix ;-), my wife and I are intensely private at home. Public, hey come on over say hi, I'll buy you a beer. But at home? Nope, sorry, that's my sanctum.

awww, you should have invited him in it would have been a good time to show him your new circuit board grrilllzz


Who is it?

Ken Delahoussaye? Doesnt ring a bell

The picture is of someone different than the excerpted text. Read the full article.