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DIY Wifi Speaker Answered

Hi everyone,

I'm not a native english speaker so sorry for my language's level.

I'm new on the forum. Watching amazing DIY projects on Instructable make me want to do same things.

I have a old 5.1 audio kit : http://www.amazon.com/Logitech-Z-5450-Digital-Speaker-970181-0403/dp/B000AM6QHO

One of a rear wireless satelite is broken. I tried to fix it but without result. So my new idea is to use this stuff to make something like Sonos Audio products.

5 independant wifi speakers connected to a wifi network to stream music, and most important to sync sound of a movie streamed on TV.

In an other project, i want to create my personnal NAS / Media Center with Plex.

In fact i want to create a system, to stream video and sound wirelessly from a Data Server.

Is it possible ?

My knowledge is not very large so i need your help to improve my skills.

I saw this product  but maybe i can find a other solution, more easy to build and cheapest.


I want to create something easy to connect with a only centralized system/app.

Do you think it's possible ?

Thank you for your help.

Best regards


I understand your point of view, but my vision is to build something more professional like DLNA equipments. I have some old knowledges about electronic, computer sciences, and electricity.

The point is to make a professionnal opensource solution re-usable by the DIY community.


3 years ago

If a standard set of wired speakers would work, it's possible to do wireless streaming through a TV.

With an HDMI equipped TV, a Chromecast (I'm sure Roku, Fire, Apple TV would work too), and a connected set of surround sound speakers hooked to the television, all your media can be streamed though the TV. I also have a set of Sony wireless headphones--plug those into the TV and stream music anywhere in the house.

Controlled with a smartphone, of course. It's a pretty cheap option, especially if you have an old set of speakers. Or really good TV audio (some are OK). Most people already have the television...

Thanks for your reply. Do you have a link to start ?

All that is possible but will require a lot of knowledge and a good bit of money to make it happen. There is so much you would have to learn and know before getting start. Certainly more than anyone could try and cover in a forum post. Start by learning how a Wi-Fi speaker works. Learn what hardware is needed to make it work and how the audio is streamed to the speaker. Good luck.