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DIY about wiring a garbage disposal? Answered

I have a situation in which I have a receptacle under the kitchen sink that my dishwasher is plugged into.  This receptacle is then operated by a switch on the backsplash on top of kitchen counter.  We leave the switch in the on position so that we do not have to flip the switch each time we want to operate our dishwasher.  I now want to install a garbage disposal and place a switch under the sink.  I would like to come off of the receptacle described above.
Could someone inform me how to connect to the receptacle so that the switch will operate but not interfere with leaving the switch on at the backsplash.  Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.


That receptacle is originally meant for a garbage disposal. Your dish washer should be hard wired into the wall. So plug the disposal into the socket and see about getting a direct line to the dishwasher. There should be a junction box near the dish washer where it should be wired into. If not contact an electrician to have your dishwasher wired in correctly.

Some local codes require the dish washer to be on a switched circuit.


5 years ago

I would like to thank all of you who replied to my question. I have proceeded with caution and should have it all completed today. Thanks again for the information.

The best solution would be to have the outlet wired to s full time supply, but if you keep the dish washer switch turned on all the time then...

Connect wires to the existing outlet to supply power and ground to your new outlet, then break the hot wire and run to your disposer switch.  All this should be in proper boxes.

If you don't understand all this then I would firmly suggest getting an electrician to do this for you.

I think if you can draw a picture of it, the answer will become clear to you.

Sort of an important question is: to which which box comes the line from your breaker box, the line for this circuit.  (That's what they call it.) Does it come unto the box under the sink, the one with the receptacle?  Does it come unto the box above the sink, the switch on the backsplash?

If you want I'll draw you a picture of it, of these two possibilities I can see in my imagination.  Just reply if you really want me to do this.  I like drawing pictures. ;-)

But somehow I think it would be better if you could draw your own pictures, using both your imagination and a mulit-meter, for to test the wiring in the boxes above and below your sink, and figure out which wires go where.

This wiring game is pretty much all about which wire goes where.  Sorry if any of this seems obvious.