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DIY airconidition running on 18 Volts? Answered

i'm building an mini airconditioner for my room.
i have a box with 2 computer fans on it,
one for input air and one for output air.
the box will be filled with ice, and it should work.
for the powersupply i use an old printer powersupply,
which gives me 18 Volts.

but my question;
im not realy sure if i can run the computer fans on 18 volts for a long time.
i tried to run them for a couple of minutes, but im not  really sure.
who knows?



6 years ago

Where are you going to get the ice from? It will take an awful lot of it to make much of a change in something as large as a bedroom. If your going to freeze it in your own freezer then your electric cost for that will go up a lot and your freezer will be pumping out heat into the rest of the house constantly. If your going to buy bags of ice then the cost of that will be much higher than would be the electricity for a cheap window air conditioner. Oh, also ice will add moisture to the room air raising the humidity rather than lowering it like an air conditioner does.

Something like this would be a much better alternative.


Answer 6 years ago

i have refreezeable iceblocks, and i was planning to put 6 in the freezer and the other 6 in the airconditioner, and after like 2 hours or something i change them. but your project seems pretty hard, and i dont have acces to cold water on my room, becose my room is on the top floor of the house


6 years ago

At 18V the fan will be spinning so fast it will quickly wear out the bearings and fail. They will run for a while but it wouldn't be a good idea to do it that way. So if you have to use 18V then get yourself a voltage regulator like a 7812 to drop the voltage down to 12V.