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DIY anti-pigeon needles on balcony ? Answered

How would you build the system to make impossible for pigeons to land on your balcony, as show on the picture for example ?


I have used carpet gripper - the thin strips of wood with nails sticking up from it to great effect - it also keeps kids and burglars off your fence, too!

Has anyone ever succeeded in making these anti-pigeon needles? And can I use silicone to stick them up there? Thx

If the area you're trying to prevent landing on is narrow (like a balcony railing then you don't need spikes or electricity. Just some wire. Run two (or more) thin wires along the railing about two inches above the railing. Use thin wire, like stripped 22 gauge wire or magnet wire for the horizontals and thicker wire, like wire hangars for spacing and support. (very crude sketch below. You could also cut tin cans or something.) Put one of these spacers about every 18 inches so the thin wire stays about two inches above the railing and two inches from each other. Secure the wire firmly at each end and make sure it holds decent tension. If your railing is wide you may need 3 or 4 wires. The wires will be thin enough that pigeons can't land on them but close enough together that it will get in the way when they try to land on the solid railing. This also has the advantage of not looking hideous and not being dangerous to everything that comes near. Or of you want spikes, just collect your aluminum cans and use a box cutter to slice 1-2 dozen vertical slits, give the top an bottom a half-twist in opposite directions and then cut them in half. Attach them side by side along the area you want de-birded. Wear thick gloves throughout this process or you will cut yourself.


If you want a safe way to shock them us a fence charger. They make a charger that is lower powered for pet fencing. Still quite enough to get pigeons to go to someone elses balcony.

Hard to get the pigeons grounded to complete the circuit, though : ) Maybe a thin bar that has electrodes/wire on each side, so that when they grip they get shocked?

Two bare 18-20 ga. wires use small plastic tubing for insulator every foot or so. Connect one to the ground connection and one to the output and that should do it. It the top rail is big enough for them to stand with out touching the wires then run several sets of wires.

You could probably do this with big paper-clips & tape? L

Skyscrapers use a sticky gel so that they don't want to land.

They see the sticky and think again, or they see dead pigeons glued to the building and fly away? L


8 years ago

I've heard that some pigeons will just nest in the needles. And yes, sticky gel is a possibility. Not the best one though.

The best ant-pigeon devises use electricity. The whole device consists of a big metal strip that runs the length of the rail. You will attach it to some A/C current, so when the pigeons land, they get an unpleasant shock.

This shock is not enough to kill them, but enough to let them know they are not welcome here. (If you DO want to kill them, I don't know why, but, if you do, you just shove more voltage and current into the thing.)

And please do not forget that there is a high voltage strip on you balcony. That would not be funny if you accidentally zapped yourself.

Anyway, take care, and watch out for those pigeons! :)