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DIY continuous rotating servo motor for cat toy? Answered

I'm trying to make a cat toy for my cat based somewhat loosely off of a toy called the fling-ama-string.


I have one and he seems to like it but since it only moves vertically I've noticed that he gets bored quite quickly. However, when I lay the fling-ama-string horizontally on my table and the string runs over the edge of the table he plays with it a lot longer. My idea was similar to something like this:


Which seems to have a motor running a line from across one side of a field to the other. I obviously do not need one as heavy duty as this but I feel like if I were to rig this around the leg of a few pieces of furniture and let my cat run around chasing the lure a few times a week he'd really enjoy it. My issue is what kind of motor do I need and how difficult is this going to be to set up? Also, I'd like to spend less than $50 on all the parts for this but seeing as how the motor itself might be somewhat pricey I can understand if it goes over my initial cap.

If anyone has any ideas I'd really appreciate it!


If you want the cat to push a ball, and the ball go in a random direction:
cut hole in a ping-pong ball and slide a penny in and then glue it back up
If you want the ball to vibrate, mabye causing it to roll?
look at the picture(I didn't add supprots because I don't know the size of ball.)