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DIY electric drum set Answered

Here's an easy way to make an electric drum set for about 150 dollars that sounds and works great. I am going to post instructions, but this should tell you enough. Get two rock band drum sets. Open the drums. They are easy to open. Just put your hand in the little gap about halfway through the drums and carefully lift up. In the center, there would be a circular area. Keep those clean. Buy nine of those tiny recorders that you press a button to play. They are about 4 dollars each. Record a tom 1 sound, a tom 2 sound, a tom 3 sound, a bass sound, a snare sound, a crash cymbal 1 sound, a crash cymbal 2 sound, a boom cymbal sound, and a hi-hat cymbal sound. Glue each drum sound inside the center of each drum. Glue the bass one underneath the bass pedal. Turn all the volumes on high. IT WORKS! All for pretty cheap.


I've tossed around that idea a few times. What I wound up doing was taking the whole rockband pads and placing them under the heads of their respective drums in my drumset, then playing rockband that way. I never hooked it up to a sound generator, though, to actually have a full-electric set.


10 years ago

There's an easier way, if you aren't afraid of a little hacking. There is, IIRC, an Excel spreadsheet with a bunch of macros that play sound samples when you press certain keys, turning Excel into a simple sampler/drum machine. You could get a junk PC keyboard (I got one free on freecycle because some of the keys were melty after someone left it on a radiator), open the case up and wire the keys that Excel-drum-machine uses to the pads on your rock band controllers. You could even make your own drum pads if you wanted to not use any bought hardware. That said, have you actually built one like you describe? If so, can we have pictures and/or video?