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DIY flashing shoe sensor Answered

I've seen tons of guides on how to make my shoes light up with the guts of an old pair of light up shoes, but I dont want to go out and find an old pair.  Does anyone know what kind of sensor they use to turn on the lights and any pre existing circuits I can use? 


You don't need a "special sensor" - just make a battery+LED circuit, with a vibration switch in the circuit.

The switch is a coil or loop of wire with a length of piano wire through the centre, but not touching. When you step, the wire moves and touches the spring, completing the circuit and making the flash.

You can use a short piece of wire if you add a weight to the end to aid the vibration (say, a blob of hot-glue or epoxy). Have a look at the Blinky Bug project, or search for vibration sensors.

Thanks for the ideas and does anybody know what kind of capacitor I should use to get that dimming effect after I let go of the switch? BTW I'm starting off with 2 white leds (3.3v / 25 mah) and possibly a 3 or 6 volt power supply on a parrallel circuit.

Dumpster-diving is perfect for this.
get an old kiddie lightup shoe and gut the hell out of it!
try replacing the 'jiggle' sensor with a push button right under the sole.

Look up soft circuits for the pressure switch. Everytime you step down, the circuit is completed to light up the shoe. There are a few LED light up shoes instructables too! Good luck.