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DIY mobility scooter? Out of pocket expense is too great for one of these anyone know how to make a safe one?? Answered

It must be able to carry 250 lbs.; battery charge of 6-8 miles; turning radius of 30 inches or be able to swivel through a door way from a hallway; be able to go up a 30 degree slope occasionally; have a basket to hold things in, and weigh less than 60 pounds.


I can't see why taking an old wheelchair, adding a DIY Zero-turn Mower style control scheme, dual motors, and a couple of car batteries wouldn't work.

I realize this post is 5 yrs old, but, if you look around a power scooter can be had for $50. I got a Pride scooter for $300. (similar to the new Pride Celebrity X-1)

250 lbs is a bit of an over estimate. I imagine the scooter would only need to hold one person so should only need to be able to carry about half that. You don't want to spend money on parts that are just too powerful as that will make you spend way more then you need to.

4-wheel-electric-scooter appears to have a basic design for a $100 DIY electric scooter, charging $19.95 for the plans and claiming the parts are easily obtainable. For a little extra and the help of a local welder you should be able to modify the seat for larger weight needs.
DO NOT retrofit an old wheelchair!  Wheelchairs are steered by rotating one wheel backwards or holding it still, while the other wheel is moved forwards. An electric motor pushing on your wheel will break your wrist trying to steer the wheelchair.  You would have to add a steering mechanism to make an old wheelchair into an electric wheelchair, and either it would limit getting into or out of the wheelchair, or require the expensive assistance of an engineer to make it release easily while not compromising safety.

I would try for a wheelchair conversion or try finding a used scooter. I am actually about to sell one but it won;'t meet your specs. I doubt you will find a scooter in your weight capacity that is so light without it being super flimsy and a waste of cash even if you build it. This is mainly because of the cheap quality of even the best scooters on certain parts. It's either light weight or quality in my experience. Good luck, and don't give up on the idea of a wheelchair.