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DIY *near* silent computer (how do i do it!) Answered

hi there all,
im just goignt to try to make my computer UBER UBER silent,
that means
mod mouse/keyboard so that the clicking isnt audible
and im gonna mod the case of the computer ALOT so that it is *probably* not going to have sides, but LOADS of small comp fans running as slo speeds...
ect ect
any other ideas?


Please post a bit more info. What is the PC going to be used for (ie: how much processing speed is needed?) What is the budget? Are aesthetics a major consideration? All of the above are great suggestions. If budget isn't a huge concern then there are lots of passively cooled components (power supply, video card etc...) and low noise(low rpm) laptop drives or SSDs. If HD size isn't an issue then a Compact Flash drive can be used with a CF to IDE adapter. CF drives are getting much cheaper. Keep in mind you usually sacrifice performance for low noise.

lol, uknow its been a while since i last posted ere lol.. and ive nearly completed it, all i am waiting on is a GPU that should be here soon :) so thanks for your comments!!

Cool, think about posting an instructable for your quiet machine. I always like to see how people solve noise issues.

yeah, just try and immerse it all (but the HD and dvd drive) in mineral oil. Make sure you seal the connectors so that none gets out.

You could grab and aquarium and build it in there, immersed in mineral oil, the only problem is heat would have to be controlled, then use an external HDD, a quiet one...

Why do you need a ultra quiet computer?

because i need to use it at night when others are sleeping.... so i dont realy want them to have to listnen to a bloody loud comp all night...

pick up a CPU that does not take much power. such CPUs are - pentium 3 and lower (celeron of pentium 3 is further lower power) - mobile CPUs pentium M and newer than pentium 4 (all pentium 4s are quite hot) - CPUs made by VIA (c3 c7 1GIGApro) - CPUs inappropriate are pentium 4 and higher (non mobile) and all non-mobile AMD chips use silent hard drive and mount it on silicones if you have another computer thats allways on when this one is on - use flash card to boot the silent computer and access everything else over the network (may be quite slow) use large size fans at reduced voltage dont use small fans replace heatsinks with larger ones and add them where they are not installed initially (RAM etc) use box with free space inside have large 'windows' open to the outside in the case (with nets if you want) keep down cables messing in the case. use SATA card and drives if possible

. If you don't generate heat, you don't have to get rid of it. . If you will use a low-power CPU, you can use a much smaller CPU fan. If you keep power requirements low enough, you might be able to use a fanless PSU. . Look for HDDs, DVDs, GPUs, &c; that generate less heat (use less power). . Water cooling can be very quiet. . . I like c-dad's idea of putting the box in another room.

get one of those roll-up keyboards, the shouldn't make ANY noise

as for the mouse, get a pressure resistor (prob. bot the proper name), the more force is applied to it, the less resistance.

The fans? >get a 317 voltage regulator to controll them.

what about the hdd?

Get one of those flexible rubber membrane keyboards. Squishy Squidward sound might be annoying though. Build your computer case out of something dense like wood, concrete or rock. Damp the sound inside with foam baffles or acoustic mass linings. Baffle the airflow to sound is not generated from the moving air in or out of the case. Put isolation mounts for feet so no vibration is amplified by the floor, or shock mount it to a heavy mass. Or just put the computer in the next room and have a long cable to your monitor amd use a wireless mouse/keyboard. Good luck.