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DIY phone headset to computer plug?? Answered

I would like to make one of these.
It is to connect to the headset port in my phone to record some greeting that I saved on my computer
It only needs to connect the computer speaker to the phones mic.
I need to know the pinouts of both connectors and what to connect together



Best Answer 3 years ago

The audio is on your computer, and you want to put it on your phone system, correct?

Yes but i cant just transfer it it needs to be recorded through the head/handset.

Ok I get it. So there's some links attached and all your need to do is wire the the left and right stereo wires to wire 4 of your RJ9 and the ground of your stereo to the wire 1 (stereo is your computer speaker output)

Stereo pinout: http://pinoutsguide.com/Home/Tele35s_pinout.shtml
RJ9 pinout: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modular_connector#4P4C

I hope this helps! :)

Thanks that is exactly what i was looking for

hold the phone up to the speaker and be done with it.

I did that, but it was hollow and you could not understand it

Keep in mind the clarity of the phone's mic is not vary good to start with. Likewise any answering machine or service will also have poor recording quality. So if you have a lot going on in the message then it will be distorted and you won't be able to understand it. Ever notice how bad hold music sounds. They are using a direct connection there as well. The phone system was never designed for even decent quality audio. Your recording may be beyond the ability of the phone system to adiqquatly use.

ok I will keep that in mind. It will at least improve it a little. But do i just connect the computer speaker to the phone mic as seen in this picture?


Yes that can work. But i wouldn't expect much improvement.

Yeah, Simplest Solution

when you talk your mouth is a inch or two away from the phone anyway right?

I have no idea what you're trying to do, but for looking up the pinouts for your devices, whatever they might be, I suggest pinouts.ru


So i can just connect the computer plug to the phone plug?