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DIY professional record player? I would love to have one (or a jukebox) but I can't find any! I'm only 13! Answered

I need a record player, or I need to make one. Could some awesome person old enough (or just awesome like me) help me make make a record player? I'm writing a steampunk style movie, and I desperately need a record player or a jukebox. Thank you!


Getting a record player would be easy enough... Almost everybody knows someone who has one (we still have one for my mom's vinyl. I prefer 320kbps Mp3/aac). Ask around, or check a thrift store. Most sell for pretty cheap.

Now getting like a professional, radio station turntable would be harder. I don't even know where to get one of those. Maybe you would just end up borrowing one from someone.

A dack should be 10 a penny if you ask around I threw out 2 I had been given not so long ago - Then you will need an amp and speakers - or a pre amp and head phones.

Again ask around because these are often not in use because people have gone to CDs or MP3/4 players these days.

They have actually become very popular with audiophiles who believe they get a much crisper sound from vinyl then they can with CD or MP3. Many artists are also cutting vinyl records of there new albums. It's considered a very niche and high end market now. Manufactures are still producing turntables for this reason. You can buy a low end turn table for about $50.

Check your local second hand stores. There are always players there. Just a matter of finding a replacement head for it.