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DIY projector using phone LCD screen. Answered

Hello every body.

My first post on these forums, and here goes.

I have been looking into projectors and considering the cheaper route of building my own.

As I want the projector to be HD and small at the same time, I figured one of the newer phone screens would be suitable (which I have located a reseller of). I do not have any particular screens in mind. To get to the point though, are there any controllers out there that would allow me to connect a screen with dvi / hdmi? As with larger tft panels where you can buy a kit, or such as the device used to bridge the LVDS to hdmi connectors (one example here). I have been unsuccessful in my search for these so far.

I assume that most of the screens use different connectors rather than a common standard data connector, which could hinder this.

Thanks for your time.


DIY isn't always cheaper. What makes consumer electronics cheap is the parts are purchased in bulk offering huge discounts.

In your case you'll have a heack of a time finding a compatible controller that will be able to interface with your screen and give you HDMI output. If one is found it will likely cost about as much as a cheap HD projector you can pick up at a retail store.