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DIY spy earpiece Answered


I want to make a SPY EARPIECE, like a hearing aid with an battery inside,a kind of electromagnetic receiver,that will work with an inductive neck loop set. It is too expensive for me to buy one.
Another possibility is using a bluetooth neck loop set.

It should look like ear pieces on these websites:


Thank everyone who participates in finding out the needed plans to make one and technical plans


Hi all, i'm deaf I need to create my (or try to create...ahem...) neck loop induction cable for t-coil function .

I would like to plug in the audio outside 3.5 mm jack (iphone, samsung, laptop computer).
Would like to know what i need (components) ?

And if exist a arduino neck loop tester on the deaf inductive loop frequency ?

Sorry for my bad english, i'm french.
Sorry for the off topic

And thank you for your help.

Just buy one from www.gsm-earpiece.com, if you make one yourself you might damage your ear with particles of silver from the battery, and suffer a hearing loss.

now there was a micro FM receiver earpiece in the ear canal completely

It isn't hard to build an AM transmitter, and using a pocket AM radio as receiver is great as long as you don't transmit over a used channel and more then a few feet.

This new UHF FM earpiece works with no wires or accesories, being able to receive direct from a transmitter that is situated in a distance of up to 1000 meters.
You don't have any pocket radio or neckloop on you.

You realize you are speaking of very small parts involved; to "make" such a thing is very hard for the DIYer

hiiii!!!!!! I also am studying this phenomenon is called mutual induction, here you can see this phenomenon:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfUuwnD2-fg, you also can serch this phenomenon with name of  """  wireless power  """"".
I have a spy earpiece and it is compound by a receipt (earpiece) and a neckloop (formed by a toroid coil of 37 turns, capacitator of 100 micrafarads and a thick coil attached to toroid). If anyone wants pictures of earpiece with his compounds, I can upload it.
If anyone know any most about this, pleaseee comment it.

Heo desoner, i have a problem and maybe you can help me, you see i bought the earpiece but i didnt get the neckloop if you can upload a pictura of how its done woulg be great, please and thank you anticipated sory the bad english je greetings

Hiiiii, I can help you, but the problem is that I haven´t the neckloop because I am travel, however I remember that the neeckloop is easy to make, then you tell, first you have to get the compounds that I said before or if you want I can upload the images about neeckloop but you will have to wait because I don't have here.
The neeckloop and earpiece are work through a physic's phenomenon is called resonance that to its known such as mutual induction.
You have to get a toroid like this :http://www.allproducts.com/ee/techtrans/toroid_coils1-2.html , a capacitor of 100 micrafarads, wire AWG 23 coating because by giving the form of neeckloop musn't contact. a wire hearphones with minijack.
I don´t remember well but you connect the hearphone´s wire in serie or sequence with toroid then with capacitors (respecting the polos) and connect with coating wire.
then you make the neeckloop with more turns and the connect to the other polo of hearphone`s wire.
You remember that earpiece is mono and don't estereo then only you have to use one hearphone´s wire with his two polos and don´t the two hearphone's wires.
When I can uploaded the images, I will inform you and you tell me how do you make. Byeee

hello and first of all thanks ill investigate about that phenomenom and try to understand the procedure you gave me, until you can upload pictures, if you have a diagram would be even better but if its too complicated for you with the picture will be great well hope your response, and thanks again XD.

Is this for spying or you just want a small easily camouflaged bluetooth earpiece to connect to your cellphone?  Most spy earpieces are built into the heel of a shoe.

THANK U for your reply

I work as security guard and want to put it in my ear.It should work as a AM receiver-some kind of electromagnetic receiver that has its power form a little 3V battery.It receives its signals from inductive coil around my neck.That coil is connected to a mobile phone directly or over bluetooth (in last case the inductive coil is a bluetooth induction loopset seen here http://www.mobilefun.co.uk/nokia-lps-5-p16989.htm).
This one is harder to build for an amateur.I searched some circuit electrical schemes on some forums,maybe I get it. It is expensive to buy from some websites.

What is your opinion? Thank U again,maybe we make it 8))

AM receivers are so easy to make, it is sometimes impossible to NOT make them.. I have had digital voice chips, and several projects "pickup" local AM stations just because I was unable to filter them out.

I am not an electronics whiz but I would say any micro-miniturized product is in the realm of big manufacturers that have the expensive and specialized equipment to make it.  There must be some custom receiver/transmitter chip that has to be made tiny. 

Anyway, in security work, wearing a neckloop gives an attacker a weapon to choke you if you ever get in that situation.  Good luck.


6 years ago

How about earpiece here: http://www.microspygadgets.com/en/3-spy-earpiece
has anyone tried it? any experience?
thanks in advance!

Hiya guys Im new here, to be honest it aint easy to make such an earpiece, your better off buying one from new. They are pretty cheap from this Spy Earpiece Site when compared to others: www.spyearpiece.co.uk

I think it is right to buy good quality