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DIY tube and pipe roller Answered

Anyone able to make a guide on how to create a DIY tube and pipe roller? Roller's is not the same as benders, benders make sharp bends while rollers make adjustable gradual long archs. Should be able to bend atleast 2" tubing and pipes. Best regards Tom


I am looking for a good diy for tubing/pipe bending.

I am right now in the process of converting my hydraulic pipe bender into a hydraulic tubing roller. It will be able to convert back and forth easily. Needed a roller to build rigging for my airboat.

thank you, the table for radiuses on jigs will come to good use:D


It looks like you can rig up a set of rollers like the picture. I've never used one so I don't know how the pipe is fed or pulled through the rollers. You would need to get the rollers that could withstand the pressure. Good luck.

Yeah, I could do that I was just wondering if someone with some experience out there might make a comprehensive guide for making one ;)