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DJ mixer problem? Answered

I have recently purchased a Soundlab dsm5....I have minimal RCA cable at the moment so i have done this -> I have connected my ipod to the mic jack with a 3.5mm to 1/4 inch adaptor..... then from that i have connected a RCA cable to 3.5mm mono adaptor (orginally for a camcorder so it has a video RCA as well)  from the AMP channel on the mixer to the AMP......  My problem is ....is that the Music plays but has a really bad quality? ....my amp is not bad quality, as i have done played music with it with no problem and the mixer and the amp are both sound lab....It might be I shouldnt connect the ipod to the mic but to line one or line 2 (inputs) to get more quality .... I dont know?......

Best awnser gets a patch!



Best Answer 8 years ago

The Ipod should NOT be connected to the mic in.  That connection is looking for very small input and the preamp raises it alot.  That's what is causing the distortion.

Connect the ipod to a line in since the ipod puts out higher level signals.

If you can't right now, then turn the ipod way down so the signal is very low.  Then the preamp won't distort so much.  You may loose some of the lows this way though so get it hooked up right soon.


Answer 8 years ago

Also I just noticed that the mid input is mono and the Ipod output should be stereo and should be plugged into a stereo input or you're only getting one side of the music.