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DM-TD-SA? Answered

Alright remember when dsman and Thedunkis were talking about combining their side arms to make a perfect side arm? Well I was searching randomly while I was bored and I came across an image titled "TDS2" with tags like "PSA, DM-TD-SA" so I started to wonder if this happened to be that pistol. It must have been a big secret as they darkened the image too. This sounds pretty cool I really hope this is real. Dsman and Thedunkis have really cool side arms and having them combined would truly make a awesome side arm. What do you guys think? P.S. Dsman and Thedunkis please don't kill me if this is true. I'll delete it if you want. Edit: TheDunkis and Dsman claim all rights to their photos and guns and may not be shared with anyone else


Alright here is an image of my most updated version. So far I'm pretty satisfied but this isn't the final version for sure. I still have yet to upload the video.


Bump my image back up so people can see it. I changed the looks so I got rid of the entire side parst up front and the under part supporting it. Then I readded the hop mech. I did get a chance to test it and the hop got a good advantage. They only rested like half a meter from each other but really that was from the rolling. The landed in reality about at least a meter or so from each other. So it isn't the greatest but it makes a big difference in house wars. Also in theory it should increase greatly the more powerful you make it. I was only using the rubber band you see there.

really, i forgot to add in the other comment you changed a lot, most of what i have been doing is adding on random junk, then not likeing the junk and converting back to the old random junk lol.

Meh I still wish I actually had something add to the gun though. I didn't get a good over the top slide but that's what the simple slide is for and I like it the way it is. I just wish I though up a removable magazine. Maybe we should see if we can get the D. Falcon worked better? All that was wrong with it was the strength of the handle otherwise it worked great.

well, i gave up on a slide, there just to faulty right now. i have almost finished my gun, it is really cool, but it needs just a little finishing touches and it will be ready to show you guys :-).

If you can make a perfect slide, you will be the most famous. Even though you probably already are...

jeez dude you did some work on that thing. i really have not updated mine with to much. it did have a bad side at one point but thats about all i have tried to do on it. hmm, did you convert back to grey connector ammo?

Lol yeah I kind of just reverted back the the old TDS style but then I decided I might as well give it some sort of detail to separate it from the rest of the pistols. Yes I did decide to use dark greys as my main ammo because the handle is just more comfortable that way. Also my gun can use your ammo just fine you just have to be careful loading them. Then I have a special ammo I working on that uses shells although so far it's just a concept. There will be more details in the video. I guess I'll have to upload it tomorrow.

Alright IaC will you be willing to make both of our guns and judge which one you like better? By the way how is yours coming?

I mean our V-2 guns. The TDS2 and I guess the DMS2. We'll get you more pictures soon I'm just asking would you be willing to do it.

Ok cool. I have to admit I was a little disappointed when I was done with my gun because I just didn't feel like I accomplished too much. The main thing I did was clear up the one problem with the TDS-Power. Oh well I'm sure people will be pleased.

do me a favor...look at the dates of all of my previous posts. Do me another. Look and see if the TDS2 is already posted. Do you really think you needed to ask? Thanks anyways.


9 years ago

Both worked poorly. But still cool. Just my opinion. I may have made wrong. I will remove comment on demand.

TD-DS-SA 001.jpgTD-DS-SA 002.jpgTD-DS-SA 003.jpgTD-DS-SA 004.jpg

Those look like hot glue guns.. Hehe

Because he made my older version. Lol sorry dude but I meant my updated one.

Si. Mine is a lot cooler now. I'll hopefully be making a new video soon. Probably on Sat. along with a quick demo of the Glock 28. It's nothing super important just a small version of the TMG basically combined with the Mini-er TDS. I find it a good balance now. For example the TDS and variants were too big to carry around. The mini-er version was better and but but a little too small I think. This is like the perfect travel gun.

well, my gun was not made ot be used with the clip lol, it was just a show piece. try it with my regular ammo. and you have some important parts missing(ones that were hidden under the handle plate in the picture that support that handle). thought i think you may be missing moe of them one of the big ones you left out is a black hand on the end of each light grey connector(the ones around the top end of the handle)

Hmm... I think you can keep the pictures... Ne sence deleting them.

Alright I hardly care if someone builds this version in fact have the normal picture. I still do not give anyone permission to post it. My newer version is actually better.


ya, and mine is moded so much now that it is nothing like the one in the picture below, so here it is mine:

Alright dsman I say we get 3 trusty people to build both of our guns and have them compare. Best 2/3 will be the final version. I have a video I just need to upload it. Who should we choose? No people we arn't just choosing anybody so as soon as you say "I'll do it" you just ruined your chance at doing it at all.

hmm, well I_A_C for sure. i trust jollex. hmm, who else? i would have Radio do it, but he is a little to new here to be judging guns( no offence, but it does take a little expearence to know what is good and what is bad.)

Radio? He'd be too tough on each one of our guns. Remember our original side arms? Apparently they just didn't work so what makes you think he want's to build our second version? Jollex I'm meh about I mean he purposely rated our entries low and his high in a contest on iby.com. Plus I'm sure he'd favor you. I mean we need people that don't care who built what and would see each gun equally...except for what it's obviously better for. We have to get this done soon. In fact I might jost post instructions for the TDS2 perfect or not it's better than the original and that what I care about for now we can worry about making the absolute best if people arn't satisfied. I'm working on making a magazine for Kat's AK-74 (well now an AK-74u for me) and I ran out of pieces so I'll have to slash the pistol eventually.

May I suggest Viccieb.1993? He is not bad, or Knex_Builder_Freak or his brother The_Buritto_Master?

knex builder freak is the burrito masters brother?

actually, if we have them justify why whey rated everything like they did for the guns it should not be a problem if he favors one of us over the other.

lol dude it still wouldn't matter they could lie for all they care. For example they say the like the looks of one over the other when they could careless. And I don't mean just anyone.

i would have thought we would have then judge each part individually, and then figure out the better one that way.

So what should we use my 8 categories for the perfect gun? 1. Small size 2. Capability for good power 3. Accuracy 4. Loading 5. Handling/ Comfort 6. Cocking 7. Looks 8. Reliability 9. Extra Features So far it looks pretty even. I have the cocking category but you have the loading. The looks is the only category I see that could decide it for sure. I'm not sure. Then again I just updated the list with extra features and one of mine is the ammo with shells. lol I just have to perfect them and I'll be good. This is really close. Overall I'd just say we post both of ours but that ruins the whole point of wondering whose is better.

well, i can finally get a picture of this version, it's the best one yet!


Removeable clip? Other than that, looks very sweet!

what about me? alot of ppls trust me... i mean who cant trust a banana?

well, they were just people i thought of. what about baconbits? i think he hates both of our guns equally lol.

Yeah sure I'll go fer bakenbitz (isn't that how he spells it?)

i was kinda joking, he kinda hates me. (basically because i pointed out that he seems to take everything)

I'll do it. I 'inherited' a bunch of pieces yesterday so I can build other stuff as well as my my IAC cannon and sniper.