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if they arent real then how do people know what to descive them as? how do people know they arent there?



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You can describe Darth Vader. Does that mean he's real?


6 years ago

No. To date there is no empirical proof for them :)

As to where the stories come from...the narrative / history of any mythical creatures is born from our innate craving to make sense of the universe, and their physical appearance is based very much on living creatures (or components thereof) we are already familiar with.

~smilles~ yay finally a good answer :) (not saying the other ones are no good but you got to your point really fast)

That's sweet of you to say, thank you. However, the longer answers given here - particularly those by Iceng and Lemonie - are well worth more than a cursory glance. And Orksecurity's intro to the real literary tradition of the Fae before the Victorians rocked up and sanitised everything is bang on. It is mental stuff if you get into it...and not for the faint of stomach.

Happy investigating!

The faeries are as real as the drugs loaded into my brain

Even Ozzy Osboure said "Faries wear boots, and you've gotta believe me"

so if the Prince of Darkness sez so, it is so!

~FACEPAM~ dude "DRUGS" they just take the pain away from life and damage your circulatory sistem. sometimes even your brain! just saying :p

Right ON Lexiz! Give it to hit STR8! PS.....Been Clean & Sober 13 years! You are so WISE......You 12 year old you! XoXo

:) thx and i do way to much for ppl ill post my "stay out of drugs" web page here some other time im rlly trying to help ppl my age to become better persons


6 years ago

If Lexiz not launching a new Xmas product.

Instructables and the people are / is a pleasure for my mind site.
What is real in the mind can be real in an other.
We discuss how to violate firm physical laws with the young
because their minds are not pre-conditioned by education.

That there may be a concept yet undiscovered keeps me going :-)
But I suspect there are some like me who will await
personal interaction before rendering an honest final opinion.

~rolls eyes~ okay i say it one more time all i was asking is Do you think they are real? its not that hard to answer me is it?

You write very well for a nice teenager,

I can not prove a negative~~looking down~~ so... they could be real.
I would like them to be real !
~bright questioning stare~ Do you believe I will know  when I pass on ?


dude chillax about this if they are here just open your mind up. btw i was doing an experiment on elfs and i ended up seeing one or maby it was just my imagination :) but still if you want to believe you will then hey who knows maby you will. :)

iceng~Awesome Open-Minded Outlook! Much Respect

I Believe Lexiz! PS.... ALL these social-networking sites have users on them that play "nazi" See, I believe that WE MUST REMAIN TEACHABLE "Yes boys, I meant to scream that". Lexiz honey, Unfortunately, some people in society "forget where they come from"(We were ALL newcomers to all aspects and areas in our lives with everything we choose to educate ourselves to...or for that matter wanted to learn something new to enhance our characters. They forget that at some point in their younger days, they didn't know all the answers to things they may wonder about??? Most of those people were to ashamed~with a childish "self-centered" fear~to ask questions OR they simply lack significant humility. A lack of humility (not-knowing everything & being able to "own it") tends to make a person feel superior to others. In this false sense, their need to feel superior to others is a mask of low self esteem and inadequacy. Let us just pray to the Universe (elves, pixies, faerie, ) etc LOL...if we all could spell, would MAN have created the AMAZING spell-check that the entire universe "has heard of?" So, this is my first day here~PS, didn't come hear to chat but somehow came across your post. NO COINCIDENCES. I am a single Mom, I live in Maryland and I'm so excited to build my daughter a tree house this week! Always Remember: Be Your Own Special Self! It takes many moons to accept the ignorance in this world we live in! Have a beautiful night! Keep in touch! DO YOU!

its nice to met you, my mom is also single and to make it worse she works at house cleaning

If you belive they're real doesn't mean that caps lock has to be used in that fashion (By the way you spelt 'Where' wrong)

hahahaha you spelled some thing wrong and you're telling me how to spell? and btw not trying to be mean just saying cheek your spelling next time :)

It's "spelled" not spelt. No biggie, Just a comment. I will NEVER claim to know everything, I'm a "spell-check" queen. consider myself rather literate but spelling isn't one of my best qualities.....hence, "spell-check" Have Beautiful Day

is there something wrong with giving my opinion in caps?!

It marks you as an internet newbie. Essentially, you are shouting when you really don't have to be shouting, and it doesn't add anything to what you're trying to say. Indoor voice, please.

~sigh~ Omss! Im 12 years old stop making me feel bad. ~face pam~ fine i get it just ugh........

No problem. Most of us learned that lesson exactly the same way -- by doing it and then having someone point out that it was a mistake.

Better to learn it here, where folks (believe it or not) are relatively polite about correcting each other.

(BTW, no intention to make you feel bad. Apologies for the "indoor voice" line -- it was intended as a gentle tease, not a reprimand, and I should probably have flagged it with a smiley.)

Yes, I have heard of the SHOUTING via Internet. Hey, we need "newbies" in life for multiple reasons! Unfortunately, "virtual~old timers" suffer memory loss and USE newbies to feel a sense of control in this virtual world mostly due to the fact that their "non-virtual" relationships are OUT OF CONTROL and INSANE. *In addition, they die earlier than "newbies"....Forget where ya come from? Just Saying? Hey, DO you think that control freaks via the virtual world can confer just as tough "eye to eye" Just saying! Much Respect..........

"I BELIVE FARIES ARE EVERY WERE" answers your question.
What are Faries? is a different question...


Just in case anyone doesn't know this: They were traditionally referred to as "the Fair Folk" (and thus fairies) because they were considered too dangerous to risk offending. And even those who were beautiful could be deadly when offended... or when bored.

What we think of today as fairies -- the cute little things -- bear very little resemblance to what they were originally. "Fairy tales" were _not_ kid stuff, but were tales told around the fire at night when live entertainment was all there was. They could be very dark and very violent, and humans didn't always get out of them safely.

Unfortunately there was a period where people who believed that fairy stories _should_ be for kids went through and ripped most of that out. (Joking: Maybe they confused Childe and child...) You need to either look back to older books, or look at some of the newer books which have gone back to those originals for inspiration, to find something closer to the way the tales were originally told.

So: No, they have NOT always been described the same way. And there are "so many stories" because they've accumulated for so many years, as people invented new tales to tell and used the fairies as a plot element.

If you're interested in digging into the actual history of these stories, there's a lot of fun reading ahead of you. I'm sure your local librarians would be absolutely delighted to point you in the right direction... though at your age, there may be some books they won't let you have yet. Like I said, these didn't start out as children's stories.

If you read Terry Pratchett's books "Lords and Ladies" he takes you back to the original meanings "Elves are awesome, they inspired awe, elves were terrific, they inspired terror"

Similar old style use appears in the Tiffany Aching novels.


_Lords_And_Ladies_: Yep. And I love the fact that he finally found a legitimate use for morris dancing.

(EXTREMELY strong recommendation for the entire Diskworld series, with the possible exception of the very first. Unlike most authors, Pratchett's books keep getting _better_ as he gets further into the series. He's simultaneously doing silly fantasy and serious social commentary. Even if you don't usually like fantasy, give 'em a try; he pokes enough fun at the tropes that you might enjoy 'em..)


6 years ago

Sigh ----- , And thus we see the future.

No, we see an enthusiastic kid who wants to believe. Or at least wants to believe she believes, or pretend she believes.

At that age, I wanted to believe the alleycat I had just befriended was the reincarnation of my cousin's cat, who had just died. I don't think I actually believed it, but it made me feel good to think of it that way, and no harm done.

If one carries belief about the unseelie into later life... well, I try not to debate religion. As we've said, you can't prove or disprove something which is explicitly untestable.

Serious, or trolling for a debate?

Either way, since it isn't a "how does it work" or "how do I do this question" -- unless it's a question about how science and history and folklore work? -- it's probably a better topic for the forums than for answers.

Or that would be my own guess, anyway.

as i said to the others im just asking this for a project im doing is it that hard to answer me????????

thats 2 good answers dang its gona take me about a month to finish this T_T


6 years ago

So as i was saying in my description how do they make up so many stories with out having at least something to make the stories up from? they have to have something to inspire them am i right?


6 years ago

Okay guys, all i was asking for is do YOU think their real and I KNOW i cant spell but so what. I need this for a project im doing so Please just tell me how many of you think they are real! ITS NOT THAT HARD!!!!!!!!!

I'll say yes, but only because I believe in the best answer fairy.

There are many legends about mythical creatures. largely they arise from ancient man's inability to understand the natural world he lived in. Mythical creatures fill this gap of knowledge.

The wish for or belief in fairy creatures was the end result - that I can not understand MUST be the result of some more powerful being.

Crop failure, miscarriage, infant death, stock death, fires, bad seasons etc were all blamed on some superior beings.

We still hold many of these deep superstitions - knocking on wood, throwing coins into water, throwing salt over our shoulder if we spill it, saying bless you when someone sneezes.

Alas global sup[superstition doesn't make these things exist in the real world.

After some thought - No