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D.R.A.G.O.N Answered

This is one of my brothers crazy contraptions, its called the Deadly Rail Accelerated Gun Of Neutralization, or DRAGON. Its ridiculously powerful, and shoots farther than my rifle. It is also the first dual-rail rifle system on the site, providing it with extreme accuracy and power.


Not the first dual rail system.  All of IAC's cannons have a dual rail, so do others.

It means there is a guide rail to guide the ammo's path.

The rail is like the, except that I doesn't surround the round completely, it only guides near the bottom (or top). Dual Rail meant that it has both top and bottom rails.

Oh and I just gave you second in the contest.


8 years ago

you should really post it, i would well build it! 5

Thanks, I might eventually.

you should totally post instructions

Very nice. Interesting design. Good work!

Nice gun design and it looks powerful to.It reminds me of a chainsaw cool.

Okay I just have a few questions for you...
     -What is the range?
     -How many layers of cardboard can it pierce?
     -How long does it take to reload?

(Tested 10/12/09)
60-70 feet.
   - 6 layers.
   - 4 seconds with practice.

i cant see vid can u embed it