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I recently bought a used drill but it came without  a key for the chuck. does anyone have any ideas for a  DIY chuck key or a
cheap replacement? THANKS!


Usually only a couple of  dollars at any decent hardware or home building materials store. Make sure you get the right size. There are also kits to convert to a keyless chuck - one you can use your hand to tighten/loosen the chuck (I love mine)., but they cost a good bit more.


One of my drills is fitted with a keyless-chuck "adapter" which was simply a rubber ring which stretched to fit around a keyed chuck. Cheap, and while it isn't the safest thing in creation it does mostly work.

one of my allen wrenches fits in the chuck alright so im using that for now

In an emergency (can you have a drilling emergency?), place the drill in a vice or on something solid and put your knee/foot on it, (or get someone else to hold it for you). Then stick a phillips screwdriver in the round hole in the sde of the chuck, and using this as a fulcrum, use a flat screwdriver to lever the teeth and loosen/tighten the chuck.

Any DIY store will sell you a new key for very little money.