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it is the best gun i have ever made! look at the vid to see more. made for max range and accuricy.(i had the idea for it long before the sr-v1 was made.) still in developement. i thought that it was ready to be posted in a forum. there is just a shadow in the vid because the gun may go under lots of moding and may never look like what is in the vid when i post it. this gun can also be changed to a shotgun in about 15 sec. the shot gun is a little less powerfull then the sniper verson but is for short range combat the the sniper can not do.


update: the gun has just been moded to look beter. i have made three ammo types

sniper round
shotgun round
and last but not least. drum role please...

A DEER SLUG you heard right a deer slug. made a dent in some plywood from 10 feet away.

yea i am working on it. it uses more then 90 yellow connectors and more then 150 green connectors.

lol. also they need to be yellow connectors. not the orange colored ones with the tabs. i will get the rest of the piece count to you asap but there is not really much of other peaces that you cant see.

well no need i bought more than enough pieces with around 550 yellow connectors to add to my existing 300+ thanks for posting i cant wait to build

what system does it use? is it like killerks sr-v1?

no it uses the knex track. the trigger releases the rubberband and then the rubberband lunches the ammo. so it is more like a cross bow. it is very power full because the barrel makes almost no friction.

sorry bout that. i did that because i did not want any body to beable to make the gun because it is being moded.

Ehh... what video?

ahh the video is gone. thanks for telling me. i will put it on right now.

Put it on YouTube, streaming videos are way' better.