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DVD player from a computers dvd player? Answered

I have a dvd player from a  dismantled computer tower, is it at all possible to make convert it into a working dvd player i could hook up to a tv?



Best Answer 6 years ago

A computer DVD drive is just a bare player. It has no tuner or any kind of software or hardware to interpret what it reads. Even for a computer to display TV shows it needs to have a TV tuner card. You need circuitry that can interpret the signals and convert them into a format that a TV can understand. That is what a VCR or DVD player do. Not just read the drive but convert the signal into one that can be used. Otherwise all you have is digital noise.

oh ok thanks a lot...is there anything useful to do with the dvd drive?

If it's still working you can save it as a spare as they do go bad after a few years.

Simple answer - you can't.

See Kipkay's ible that uses the laser diode from a dvd to make a burning laser.

Also, you can get two sturdy metal rails and two or three little dc motors.