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Dachshund wheelchair Answered

Dachshunds are adorable little dogs, bred for chasing badgers and other burrowing animals. Unfortunately, their elongated backs are delicate, and prone to all types of injury.

Enter joelsprayberry's Dachshund wheelchair. It's an inexpensive way to support the dog's back legs until he can walk again.  Reading through the comments is inspiring - so many people have found this Instructable, and built their dogs wheelchairs.  Instead of having to put the dog down, it can recover and enjoy a full life. There's even a ferret version.

Any more heart-warming pet stories to share?

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8 years ago

That is very clever I heard those dogs have back problems. 

I loved that Instructable! Got my vote.

Yeah, it's pretty high in the heartwarming category.  I'm a big fan.

This reminds me of a k'nex wheel chair made for cats.

Wow, that sounds awesome.  (I'm picturing a mini knex gun mount, too.)

The nut sheller. the dachshund wheels...

Are any newer projects going to be featured like this?

Sure.  Make some suggestions!  I'm just hitting some classics first.