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Dagorhir sword materials? Answered

Kay, I'm gonna build a [url=http://www.dagorhir.com/gear/weapon_tutorials.php]Dagorhir[/url] blue-category sword. Thing is, the [url=http://www.dagorhir.com/gear/content/weapon_tutorials/howtomakeabluesword.swf]tutorial[/url] I've been following is kinda vague on the materials I need. What size PVC pipe do I use? Where do I get the foam?

I just want a definitive list of supplies for the sword.



You would have to pick the ONE that didn't have sizes marked.

I would use 3/4" pvc.  I picked that since it is about average of the others.

You can get that and the foam at your local hardware store.  Maybe Homedepot, Loews, Ace etc.  Different names but same type stores if you're not in the USA.

3/4" OD PVC is correct. According to the tutorial, you can legally use any variety of 3/4" PVC except CPVC.