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Dailydiy.com features Instructables!!! Answered

ok, so i was just look at my new ible, and i noticed it was featured on the front page of the site dailydiy.com!
i was so exited, and realized alot of other ibles were on there!

here's the link to my ible on the site


its not special. my knex sniper rifle got featured in there too.............

Good ole' Daily DIY. Is there anything they will not post?

good job!

They give almost every single Instructable credit. Let me guess, you have Google Updates or something that tells you when AnarchistAsian is uploaded somewhere?

do you like the ible?
it's the best one i've made... ha ha, still not that good

. I thought it was pretty good. . You misspelled "environment" in the title.

COngrats! I've seen a couple of mine on there too. It made me feel special!

Most 'ibles get on it, they've featured nearly all of mine aswell... look at your referral links

I have noticed this website also. There area a few others, they basically automatically use ibles, in their blog, its actually kinda cheating really.

Yeah I think they just have the RSS feed of recent iBles auto-posted there.


I've been trying to figure out a way to force them to stop. But as long as they aren't running ads & making money, I don't think we can...

It's too bad they don't link back to where they GOT them from :-( I see the members are linked back...

They do. I just cross-checked one of mine which got picked up last week. There's an attribution line with "By:" linking back to my Instructable membership, and "Source:" linking back to the I'ble itself.

Oh ok, I missed that, although I did see the link back to the ibler :-)


9 years ago

Yeah, I think all of mine have been on there. It's cool that yours is on there though. Now more people get to see it!

eh.. probably all ibles have been on there... makes me feel special though... :P

Yeah, they basically feature every new ible. I've seen all of mine there....Sorry, it's not that special....

They post a lot of our stuff there. I've often seen them doubled up as well, so I guess they're filling the site via software robots.