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Dancing a jig....because I just won a prize from ALLIED Electronis (totally unexpectedly) Answered

At Allied Electronics Corp, on Face Book, they run a contest where they ask for each participant to read their ad, and post something the tool does.  If you get picked, you win the tool offered as prize. 

Here is my facebook notification:
"The winner of our Grab Your Gadgets contest.... Mike Keller! He's won a Remote-Display Clamp Meter from Fluke."

I am flabbergasted !


Here is the original tag line in FB:   Grab Your Gadgets ends at midnight!  Enter to win a Fluke Clamp Meter!


I am a bit disappointed that you haven't linked to the YouTube video of you dancing a jig....

I don't have the proper equipment to "record" the only way I can dance a jig....i.e. in my mind...so I had to show someone else doing it. :-)

At first I thought you meant my avatar...then I realized you probably meant the video...

congrats big guy. those are nice meters, but, awfully specific as to their uses.

Yeah I know. I am not as certain that I will be able to use such a high voltage meter...we shall see as soon as it arrives though.


7 years ago

Sweet! What are you going to use it for?

I am not sure yet. We shall see....if it is not something I can use, I can offer it up for sale at a nominal price to someone that could use it.

Yeah, it may be better just to sell it and buy the meter you wanted. ;)


Thanks. I would have liked to have the meter they offered up the last contest though....this one may not be as useful to me.

. Tres kewl! Congrats!

Thank you. Unexpected but really going to be useful ;-)


I know, right? I am totally blown away :-)