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Dangerous Local Pest, What to do ? Answered

Well the local wild coyote is boldly walking up and down our Reno street at 2pm in the afternoon, sniffing at the neighborhood house dogs leg-lift corners and bushes.
 As a life rule, I figure "live and let live"... The bears and wild animals are moving into town because food is scarce in the mountains this year and our leaders admonish us for leaving garbage readily available and encouraging predation.  
 BUT this afternoon there was some confrontation at the fenced pen our dog uses for his duty and our dog was afraid to go out and chose to leave a large pile in our computer closet which I boldly managed to step into with both feet when starting the computer after supper.
 Yes, I was prepping to do our monthly ledger but first I managed to drag brown foot prints over rugs through our bedroom to our bathroom.
 After a couple hours of cleaning the most foul smelling dog poop, the monthly bills and Febreze treatment of the wall to wall rugs, we had to use a leash and collar to get our naughty pet to step out to the high fenced dog pen and let him discover it was safe ! .... 
We watch preschool grand children and fear the situation.
 What to do ?? ...
I could rig an IR light beam trip wire to cause a servo to rattle some cans to discourage coyote walkabout in my yard but hope someone has a better suggestion ?



Best Answer 3 years ago

Oh, I've found a bunch of advice here:


It looks like the best option will be to work with your neighbours: whenever any of you spot the coyote, you go after it, shouting, blowing whistles, waving your arms, and follow it for some distance until it gets the idea that your street is the territory of another pack of scary beasts.

Most Excellent tips.

Thanks Kiteman


3 years ago

Ultimately using a plastic coke bottle to sprinkle my precious bodily fluids along the driveway has my poodle using his enclosure again and no additional coyote incursions have been noted.

In talking with locals there are coyotes living throughout Reno, downtown, along the river that flows from Lake Bigler ( Tahoe ) to Pyramid Lake on the Paiute reservation near this years rained out Burning-Man event, and up through the foothills leaving our valley......

Thanks for your comments and help.

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I thought this question was about me :D

Then you have a problem dingo your equivalent of our coyote ? :-D

If you know where it's sniffing/marking, try sabotaging its social life with smelly chemicals - cayenne pepper, cinnamon oil etc.

Regarding RickHarris' motion-detector suggestion, maybe use it to trigger a strobe light that points at the animal, and away from your dog?

Neighbors are largely indifferent, but the motion detector is being perused over here.

The best way to get them involved will be to go door to door and informally ask folk if their (and their children's) rabies shots are up-to-date, just in case you get asked by a paramedic...

What a superbly good tactic.

This is something I can look forward to doing soon !!

It would be great to have you as a neighbor Kiteman :-)

Thanks Rick for that deterrent, but water is a bit too messy for me.....

The concept of a thermal motion detector is better then my laser trip wire and covers a greater protection area.

I have a kid detect flashing strobe and thunder noise maker in my Halloween closet that is worth trying here.

Ill report back.

I'm not sure what a fenced pen is (one of those enclosed kennel things some folks have ~4 or 5 ft wide, about the same in terms of height, and ~20-30 feet long?), but if you really mean that your backyard is fenced, and if it's standard 2inch wire mesh fence (the kind one might see at a baseball field or older schoolyard) you could always put privacy sheathing in to avoid the line of site to reduce confrontations between the coyote and your pet.

Aside from that? Crossbow or a good quality .22 pellet gun or a higher powered BB gun comes to mind. The crossbow might be overkill, (I included it only because of your remark regarding firearms in a reply you made to another post) but I doubt your neighbors would cause too much a stink if you were reminding coyotes that they're not welcome in the neighborhood.

I do like the security light IR wash and rattle though. Anything that discourages without having to resort to violence is probably a better method, or at least more kind.

But ravbies, ticks, etc are no laughing matter. Toss those into whichever decison(s) you make

There are two dog doors from the kitchen to the fully enclosed six foot chain link fenced pen area available 24/7 year round.

The black dog wont use the pen for poop, because he has trained my wife to take him out to our grass garden to do his droppings, which she bags up because the pre-school grand kids play there during the week.

At least cats have stopped using the children's sand pile as a community litterbox.

Pen0.jpegPen1.jpegPen3.jpegPen2.jpegDark Pen.jpeg

Yeah, my grandfather had a pair of huge German Shepards ( who spent their time outside in something like that, albeit a bigger larger. Well, it looks from your photos that aside from the chain-link doorway, (that's what I meant, just couldn't think of the term), it's visually shielded, which ought to help a bit, although I realize that sound and smell can't be controlled... Maybe some privacy screen on the door itself might help, at least visually.

We used to have a city department called "animal control" to deal with out of control" wildlife. Does your area have anything similar? If coyotes are running loose, that could be a public health issue. In any case, if you acutally spy one, it might be worthwhile to let your neighbors know....


3 years ago

An animal that has become bold or is behaving strangely could have rabies. For example, skunks that are wandering around in the middle of the day. Any animal that is bitten and does not have current rabies shots could end up being put down if it turns out to be infected. I would call law enforcement and have them call animal control since an animal with rabies is a threat to the whole community. Where I live we would just shoot it ourselves and then turn the carcase over to the authorities. Montana still has a bounty on coyote's and it has helped to keep them in under control. You can get cash for one even if its been hit by a car, dead is dead by whatever means.

But rabies is a very serious threat so call it in and let them deal with it. Just tell them you think it might be infected and is acting strangely. If they do catch it and test it and it is positive they will put your entire area under quarantine.

Just a side note -- A way to avoid tracking nasty stuff is to crawl on your hands and knees with your feet up in the air.

Discharging a firearm in Reno except in home invasion self defense lands people in jail.... Dog catchers in the past were in affective for real biting animals.

That strange rabid behavior is a neat new idea that I'm trying.

be the larger predator mark your territory it scares them more then noise

Done that to no great avail but am keeping it up more regularly these days.

Call animal control. They will set some traps and relocate the animal.

Believe it or not our county will not trap coyotes and darts problem bears only after 3 confirmed attacks, saying the coyotes know to avoid live traps.