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Dangerously Fun Answered

Just found an interesting website I thought I'd share:


They've got a fairly small set of projects but they look pretty well done. From the About page:

"DangerouslyFun.com provides instructions for creating various physical devices, many of which are dangerous. This information is provided in recognition that dangerous things are sometimes really fun."

Amen brother!



4 years ago


Oh, thanks for posting that!

that link sent me to a casino gambling site


5 years ago

This was a cool website! Sadly, it's been suspended :(

. Very interesting. . But I can't figure out how a homopolar motor is dangerous. heehee

Oh, well you obviously haven't seen a homopolar motor in the hands of a trained assassin. That would explain it. I've lost too many good men to homopolar motors.

Today we are going to learn how to defend ourselves against an attacker armed with a homopolar motor...

Anyways...certainly a Bi-polar motor would be more dangerous LOL

And that cardboard stool...you definitely need adult supervision for that one.

. Well, it does say "many of which are dangerous," not all. Some of the other stuff looks like it could be deadly in the wrong hands.

nice website but i wonder if ur were going to make the dry ice bomb where would u get the dry ice? (i not making the dry ice bomb, i was just wondering)

Ingles Supermarkets has them. Look around in the frozen food isle next time you go to the grocery store, they may have them. Also, go here:


They have a place to type in your area code and they'll tell you where the closest place is. If you're an American or Canadian, they can help you. Have fun, and wear gloves! (and eye protection)

The only thing I didn't like about the site is that FF warmed me there was no Identity info available, and it was unsigned. . .

The domain is registered unanonymously to a guy in the US - FF probably doesn't like it 'cos it's unsophisticated. What does it say about mine? L

Hmm, I had to wait until I got home to test this......and I am still not sure as I might have been signed in as ME (the puter is currently signed onto my wife's logon), but it went to your site (the one listed in your profile, correct?) directly. No problems there. *shrug* When I have the time (I have so many tools loading on my profile that it takes....literally 5 minutes to come up and settle down :-) It may be a bit before I have the time to look.....

Hmm, yes....and on my sign on, I still get to your site without trouble (did you change the front page? Or can I just render it better under my sign on? :-)

The cow is a large jpg. But It can't be less dodgy than dangerouslyfun surely? L

I have no idea....I haven't had the problem since then.....can you vouch for the safety of all your links ?

The one external has been dissed by Nova Hawk, as far as I'm aware the internal ones are fine. My point was that mine should appear to be at least as suspect at dangerouslyfun, if not more.


Yeah, I don't know what happened that made one different than the other.

Your sexy section is utterly boring.

That's not mine, and that was the whole point of it. How about the porn section? L

I got tired of waiting on the simulated download times, I saved them and opened them in frames. Also boring.

has anyone else gotten a pop up from the site?

did it say that it blocked a pop up?

Yes it did (went back and checked) L

I didn't get the aforementioned Firefox issues. However, I did get the following. It doesn't look like there's any pr0n on the page (viewed via proxy). Any ideas, anyone?


LOLWUT??? What the? OK what it wrong with "Net Nanny"

FF said it blocked a pop up. when i closed the tab, a pop up showed in my browser.

The site has a fairly nice look to it.