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DarkOwlKnex Project Update One Answered

For two years or so before I joined site, I've been building K'nex guns.  Here are my two recent weapons of plastic destruction.

The Oodammo pistol I built (The D2OP) or (The Dark Owl's Oodammo Pistol's) most interesting feature is that the mag tilts and locks downwards due to friction.

It also features:
A no rubber banding required trigger.
A high mag cap.
A comfortable handle (at least for me).
Iron sights.
The above mentioned magazine.

All it needs is a better ram rod; I didn't put much thought into it.

Second on the agenda, we have a NAR reminiscent pistol.  it, instead of using the NAR transfer, uses my own custom DOT system (Dark Owl Transfer). Yeah, I just made that up now.  It sounds good and everything.  Wow!  Actually, this gun has a name now; it's the DOT Pistol.  Funny how this works.  Anyways, this transfer is unique not only in its design but in its removability.  When you pull down the lock as shown in the pictures, you can take the transfer right out, turning it into a regular single shot if you so chose.  

It's other features are:
Very good range (I haven't tested it, but it goes considerably far with one rubber band).
Comfortable Handle (But not as comfortable as the D2OP's in my opinion).
Removable hatch DOT system (explained above).
Bullet Lock.

Sadly, it has no sites, but from what I've heard, not everybody wants them, anyway.

Both of these guns are now posted with instructions to all those that are interested:

The D2OP: https://www.instructables.com/id/The-D2OP-Dark-Owls-Oodammo-Pistol/

The DOT Pistol: https://www.instructables.com/id/The-DOT-Pistol-Dark-Owls-Transfer-Pistol/


I am very interested in both of these. It seems to me that you are a promising builder, and much better than I was when I began posting here at 'ibles. I would love to see both of these posted with full instructions on how to build, as they seem pretty boss.

I would suggest that you get rid of the trigger guards on both your guns, as they are not necessary.

Thanks for the advice, but, personally I kind of like the trigger guards. I'll post instructions soon, though, and you can feel free to take the trigger guards off.

I've seen your work and really like it. I'll probably go on a 'subscribing spree' sometime, and thanks for the advice!

Very nice, I really like the oodammo pistol.

Nice, clean designs on both guns. Good idea on that removable transfer.
Just a question, how does the mag of the oodammo pistol hold? I always have the problem of either:
- Shooting multiple oodammo's at once
- Blowing the whole mag rod off at the last shot

Well, to show you how the magazine locks, I would have to show you the internals. It is hard to explain otherwise, unfortunately. It works wonders for me some reason. My guess would be that I've eliminated the "mag rubber band" problem. I have a large 64 pushing the mag up and the mag doesn't fly out of place. It's actually kind of strange how strong the friction that holds the mag in place is when you can move it with your hands so easily. I'll try and post the D2OP's internals as soon as possible.

Thanks for reviewing these!!!

Ah, okay. I just saw that you're using a rod from below to push the bullets up. Maybe it indeed works better because of that.
Anyway, you're welcome :D

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Yeah, homestuck.... You should read it...

Thanks for explaining :)
Maybe I indeed should read it sometime, it sounds pretty interesting.