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DarkOwlKnex's Project Update Four Answered

The days since I've posted my last forum topic feel like forever.  In that time, I've published four contest entries, gotten featured for a guide about K'nex, and have started a collaboration with nerfrocketeer.  Which reminds me: I have to send him that one picture, but that's besides the point.  I have two new and updated things I'd like to show you.  

First order of business, I'm building a TR8 turret pistol.  I know what you're thinking: DOK, are you seriously building another turret weapon?  Well, yes, I am, but this one's is special: it has a new trigger.  I've had this trigger concept bouncing in my head for a while.  It, again, uses The Racker's Trigger on his Racker Rifle as a part of the mechanism.  The other part of the mech is a simple, sliding piece that pushes into the Racker Trigger (I'm going to call it this from now on), pushing it upwards and freeing the pin.  One of the things that I love about it are the sights.  They look really cool in my opinion, and I think they are the best sights I have ever made.  At the moment, I'm going to call it Scorpio  because its looks remind me of a scorpion.  I realize that their is already a real life gun nicknamed Scorpion, so I'm going to call mine Scorpio.  And, obviously, I haven't mounted the turret yet, but I will do that later.

Second on the agenda, we have The Prophet V2.0.  It now has a slightly different turret and front end; it's enough to make it perform a lot better, although it functioned very nicely before.

That's pretty much it, but I'd really love to hear what you guys think about these projects: valid constructive criticism, tips, advice, and the like are greatly appreciated.  I'd love it if you guys would leave a comment, and thanks for viewing!



5 years ago

All your plans sound pretty cool! And you have a cool new image! Is your new trigger sort of like a wedge concept, like something in a Nerf gun? I've seen two-three piece wedge style triggers in them (ie. Nerf Reflex, Maverick, Nite Finder) that have a trigger which pushes up the piece that holds the plunger (the name for the FP on a Nerf gun) in place. I thought that could be a good example... It sounds like you've been busy lately ;) and good luck on your next two guns!

Thanks! To explain the trigger, go to The Racker Rifle and figure out how that trigger works. Then, think of a sliding piece pushing into the Racker Trigger. It's simply just a new, innovative sliding trigger design.

And just after I uploaded my new profile picture (which I'm glad you like :D), I realized something: the initials for DarkOwlKnex (DOK) are the initials for the Knight of Doom backwards (KOD). Funny how that works.

Also, I've thought out a new, sort of pointless, but innovative, different way of making a TR8. I'll upload it eventually and mount it on this gun. I hope it works. :3

Ok ill take a look.

Thats actually kind of creepy... Could also stand for kall of duty... :3

Sounds good! Good luck with it!

Thanks. I actually attempted to build the concept TR8, failed, and built the regular one. It works really nicely. I love this pistol.


Reply 5 years ago

Actually its a sad-happy face.
A happy-sad face is like this :):

('.'). <- haha random rabbit...! I was experimenting on this comment...

Darn, so close...
   ,   ,
  (- -)
   I  I

It is supposed to be an owl. :3

But where's the beak?! 80

(00)(. )(. )(. )(. )(. )(. )(. )(. )(. )(. )(. )

This may be just me being nit-picky (I doubt that that is how it is spelled), but If you are gonna give us updates, you might want to take pictures as they are originally look (no photos that are edited, so that we don't have to be distracted by how epic they look). This would make it easier to to give constructive criticism, and to see how they work. I don't know if you are following, and I mean no offense, but if you want use to "help" you (and honestly, I don't think you need help. =D) I would suggest that you give us straight up, non-edited, pictures. XD

As to the guns, they look awesome. As I have said before, I am not much into TR guns, but I think you do well with them. Good job. And again, you (and many others) keep the community awesome.

Yeah, I probably shouldn't have edited the photos, but I did, so it's too late now. Personally, I think that you can see how it works from the edited pictures if I gave internals, but whatever. Thanks for all those compliments! :3

And, I'm curious: have you finished any one of your three projects: the ZKAR, NAR, or the TR? I'm really curious to see how they'll turn out. I think that I've come up with a new TR8 design, and I'm going to build it now to see if my design works. :3 I really hope it does.

Yes, yes I do. And, I think I've realized your range problem: you have rubber bands on the back of the ram, and it's touching the back of the gun. One of the things that makes those guns powerful is the fact that the ram is not touching that back of the gun, eliminating that loss of power. If you fix that, it should go much farther. :3