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Davinci Code Cryptex Answered

Davinci Code Cryptex. I know its an old movie, but I've got the urge to make one. Not much on the Internet, 'cept a brief video on youtube. Got a general idea how to do it, but I'm sure it will turn out very rudimentary. Tips and pointers wanted!



Ok thanks to you I got back my fascination of cryptexes again and I'm going tgo make one! I already made blueprints and i have 4 tubes that fit into eachother(I needed those) I can make an instructable of it when it's finished, because it isn't like the cryptex that's already on Instructables, that one keeps the rings together on the outside(like this), which is easier to make. I prefer it holding eveything together from the inside like this.


9 years ago

"it's an old movie" ... wow. You're young, aren't you? Cool as hell project, BTW!

I encourage you to make a cryptex and make an instructable of it, because I wanted to make one aswell, ever since I read the Da Vinci Code! I already have building plans, but it's one of the many projects I still want to do. I was first planning to make one out of wood, but when I rethought it i thought it would be undoable for me, the rotors should be too round for me to make, else there would be too much friction. Now I want to do it with two PVC tubes that fit closely into eachother, a little like the cryptex instructable posted lately, but with a different design. Good luck!

you can buy them from those magazines where you can get like movie crap like harry potter wands and that cool sword from the second movie they have all that dorky stuff i furgoot (IJ) what it was tho?!

yeah I know, I made one to fit a beer bottle for my friends birthday, but quit half way, I didn't have the right tools. But at least I knew what I was doing I guess

Hmmm, thanks for the tip. I puzzled how I didn't see that site because I was looking for a long time. My cryptex is in process right now, probably 25% done but its made out of wood. Probably a week for the finish product. It won't look anything like the real one...*sigh*