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Daylight Savings Time Answered

Don't forget everyone, daylight savings time starts tonight so be sure to "Spring Back" your clocks 1 hour at 2am tonight. And additionally because last year was a leap year when your clock reaches 2am for a second time, spring back an additional hour. If you live in the southern hemisphere the directions should be reversed ie. spring back 2 hours at 1 am. Europeons, please substitute 100 minutes for one hour to account for the metric conversion.


Ugh, stupid government. Now everything changes at the wrong time.

Before you know it, The goverment will make all workers and schoolers start at 2:00 am. till 12:00 a, for a 00:30 to 1:00 hour sleeping time.I hope they don't read this and get ideas...

Just realizes that he set his clocks back last night instead of forward.

Roflol! But I wonder if someone will actually take this advice... D:

I sure was hungry around breakfast time. And tired...

you mean this was a....scam?


9 years ago

Uhh, I thought it was spring forward, fall back. My Wii automatically sprung forward so I believe you may have it mixed up. If there was supposed to be any joke before the Metric conversion part, I must have missed it.

Your Wii was made in Japan, that explains the discrepancy.

. pssst. It's humo(u)r. If the thing about the Southern Hemisphere didn't tip you off, the metric deal should have.

The clocks in the UK don't change for another 2 weeks.

(It was worth a try though) L

It is spring forward, pretty sure. That's what I did. :)

Okay, I set my clock back. I also set my alarm to get me back up when it hits 2am so I can spring back again. Is this where jet lag comes in because you have to wake up every hour to spring back?