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Dead Dremel help Answered

I have a Dremel tool that is a few years old.  the other day it quit working, I was using it heavily.  I checked the brushes they looked fine.  I opened it up and everything looks OK the motor/ shaft are connected and spin. The  only thing I noticed was what looked like a thing strand of solider on the one side near the brush.  Any ideas?



I live in Pa and Like i said it's an old Dremel. I saw one in a harbor freight ad for 8 bucks..... I may go that rout, and Iceng no speed controls and RavensCraft as best as i can tell all wires are still connected. How could I tell if I simply blew the motor?

I bought a dremel-wannabe from Harbor Frieght a couple years ago. (All those nifty tips looked so inviting!)

My advice: Don't waste your money... not even $8... unless you want to carve balsa wood or soap. ;-) There's just no comparison between the 2 tools.

Good luck resurrecting your Dremel!

Ohm meter for a continuity across the armature

  • How to test continuity.of the armature bar to cross bar in pic.
  • then test each field coil and the power line cord.
  • Assemble the tool and check continuity at the two power plug pins.
  • If the light-bulb fails to light across any component,  you have an open circuit in that component !

5 years ago

It got hot enough to melt metal (solder is unlikely in a motor).

I suspect a break in a motor winding or if it has speed control
electronics that may be fried.

We don't know where you live, makes it hard to point to low cost
replacement alternatives.

I like Harbor Freight tools. You can buy three for the price of a
good one, makes financial sense to my twisted ways :-)


Make sure the wires are still attached to the brush holders.