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Dead flip video. How can I retrieve film from a flip camera which won't charge and appears to be dead? Answered

I have a flip camera which won't charge.  Have tried resetting it and then recharging it a number of times but no luck.  I now need to find out how I can retrieve precious film footage from the camera.  Is this MISSION IMPOSSIBLE???????  The flip help desk can't help but do you know something they don't?


After checking to make sure the charger is not the problem, put alkaline batteries in, and run off of that while you get the video out. (I believe you can access the battery compartment by sliding the front off???)

If you still can't start it with regular batteries, then your camera is bricked. Depending on how badly you want the files, take it to a data recovery shop... flips use flash memory which isn't extremely difficult to recover.

p.s. What is film???? ;) (Flips don't use film)

First thing to do is check that the charger is not the problem.